Is there a person in your life who always has a hug and makes you feel better when they're around? Who is it – and what do you love about them? How far will this &quot;Copy catism&quot; go?<br/> It seem to have taken every politician by surprise when, some five weeks ago, a young Tunisian from the village (or town) of Tizzi Ouzzou set himself ablaze out of frustration with market police who were out to &#39;clear the streets of unwanted hawkers&#39;.His manifestation of anger has indeed succeeded in bringing down the government of long-time dictator Ben Ali, who is now a wanted man in his erstwhile &#39;kingdom&#39;.<br/> I am however, not convinced that repeating such demonstrations in the iron-fisted ruled arab world,be it in the middle east or north africa, will be as feasible as those Tunisian-inspired demonstrators expect.The reason is clear, it is the only one and that it has all along been there with no alternative for the stake-holders:that is to say, the West.<br/> A popular uprising of the Tunisian style will force credible and genuine democracy to those currently held hostages by these dictators.And, so far, this seems to be the only viable option.But what a &#39;democratic arab republic&#39; will most likely to be? No doubt, from Morocco to Egypt,Jordan to Yemen, once a &#39;free and fair&#39; democratic system is in place, non other than the Islamists will win and be in power.Despite all the declarations of support and sympathy from France, the U K and the United States, behing the scene this is what they are worried about and this is why they have been assisting those dictators for ages even though knowing fully well that they had the worst human rights records in the world.The sudden appearance on the scene of despicabel elements like the Alqaida also made things worst because, since 9/11, it became no longer a problem for arab dictators to justify torture while a &#39;War-on-Terror&#39; has globally been declared.<br/>

Aboubacar Jah Jr.

Born 1967, Separated with 2 kids

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